It's time to go beyond resumes, keywords, and stressful performance reviews.

Introducing Tootdeck

An engaging social platform to:

  • Capture your work activities from anywhere and at anytime.
  • Build your reputation from a small and meaningful community.
  • Present and promote your brand in real-time.

You will no longer:

  • Struggle to summarize years of your experience into bullet points and resumes.
  • Play the keyword game or maintain multiple resumes.
  • Receive meaningless endorsements.
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Your #PersonalBranding, re-imagined!

Create your #PersonalBrand in three easy steps

Build your community

Invite people who know you and the value you bring. Build a community that truly promotes your brand.

Toot your own horn

Capture your daily activities. Keep as a log or share with your community to build your reputation.

Share your brand

Showcase your brand in a whole new way. Download and share with your friends in other social networks.

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